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Are public private partnerships that rigid? And why? Evidence from price provisions in French toll road concession contracts

Mai 2018

Laure Athias et Stéphane SaussierTransportation Research Part A

Abstract : Transport concession contracts are commonly said to be standardized and too rigid. They would not allow public authorities to adapt them to evolving context and circumstances. This paper aims at challenging this view and, more particularly, the view that contractual rigidity for transport concessions is exogenous. 

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Productivity change and its drivers for the Chilean water companies: A comparison of full private and concessionary companies

Journal of Cleaner ProductionMai 2018

María Molinos-Senante, Simon Porcher, et Alexandros Maziotis – Journal of Cleaner Production

Abstract: The privatization of the water industry has aroused interest in comparing the performance of public vs. private water companies. However, little research has been conducted to compare the performances of full private (FPWCs) and concessionary water companies (CWCs). 

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The Economics of Public-Private Partnerships: Theoretical and Empirical Developments

Janvier 2018

Julie de Brux and Stéphane Saussier (Eds.), Springer

Abstract: This book investigates the economic decisions behind the implementation of public-private partnerships (PPPs). The first part of the book discusses different forms of public procurement contracts, in particular in France and the UK, and provides an economic analysis of the potential advantages and pitfalls of public-private partnerships. 

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PPP in Europe for building and managing public infrastructures: An economic perspective

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "annals of public and cooperative economics 2018"Janvier 2018

Elisabetta Iossa and Stéphane Saussier, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics

Abstract: Public–private partnerships (PPPs) are long-term contractual agreements between the public and private sector for the provision of public infrastructures and services. Due to tighter budget constraints and to a renewed interest in greater involvement of the private sector in the provision of public services, PPPs are likely to grow in the near future.

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Trading service quality for safety: a cautionary tale from the French ‘Robien law’ on elevator safety

29 novembre 2017

Lisa Chever et Michael Klien, Journal of Regulatory Economics

Abstract: To deal with elevator accidents the French ‘Robien law’ mandated safety upgrades for ‘old’ elevators. Available statistics suggest that the law reduced fatal accidents but also coincides with an unprecedented deterioration in service quality, multiplying breakdowns and downtime. We exploit a unique data set of more than 3500 elevators over 10 years to investigate the law’s impact.

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Risk minimisation: the failure of electricity intra-day forward contracts

Publication CoverSeptembre 2017

Raphaël Homayoun Boroumand, Stéphane Goutte, Simon Porcher, et Thomas Porcher, International Journal of Global Energy Issues

Abstract: As market intermediaries, electricity retailers purchase electricity from the wholesale market or self-generate to ‘deliver’ to their customers. However, electricity retailers are uncertain about how much electricity their residential customers will use at any moment of the day until the customers actually turn on their switches.

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Impact of regulation on English and Welsh water-only companies: an input-distance function approach

Environmental Science and Pollution ResearchJuin 2017

María Molinos-Senante, Simon Porcher, et Alexandros Maziotis – Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Abstract: The assessment of productivity change over time and its drivers is of great significance for water companies and regulators when setting urban water tariffs. This issue is even more relevant in privatized water industries, such as those in England and Wales, where the price-cap regulation is adopted. 

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