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La Chaire EPPP » Online course on economic regulation

Online course on economic regulation


The third edition of the course on economic regulation, launched 18 months ago by Antonio Estache, is now online.

The course is anchored in 8 lectures on the basics of the theory of economic regulation matched by a wide range of examples to highlight the practical relevance of the theory as well as its limits. By design (i.e. to maximize the potential dissemination of what we know in the field in an audience-friendly way), it may be useful to students, professionals, reformers, consultants or members of civil society.

The course includes interventions from guest speakers from all around the world :

  • Emmanuel Auriol (Toulouse School of Economics)
  • Phil Burns (Frontier Economics)
  • Jose-Antonio Gomez-Ibanez (Harvard University)
  • Jose-Luis Guasch (University of California)
  • Elisabetta Iossa (University of Rome « Tor Vergata »)
  • Stéphane Saussier (Sorbonne Business School)
  • Richard Schlirf (Director at MacroConsulting)
  • Tina Soreide (Norwegian School of Economics)
  • Francesc Trillas (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
  • Tommaso Valletti (London Imperial Business School and University of Rome « Tor Vergata »)

Visit the course website here.

Download the flyer of presentation here.


Zoé Le Squeren

Author: Zoé Le Squeren

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