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La Chaire EPPP » Program of the VIIth International Conference

Program of the VIIth International Conference

VIIth International Conference

« Contracts, Procurement, and Public-Private Arrangements »

Paris – June 14th & 15th – 2016



Auditorium Biopark 13 rue Watt 75013 Paris (4th floor)

Rooms: A4 & A5, 8bis rue de la Croix Jarry 75013 Paris

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

9h00 – 9h30 Welcome Breakfast – Auditorium

Keynote 1 – Auditorium Biopark 9h30 – 10h30

S. Chassang (Princeton University)
Collusion in Auctions with Constrained Bids: Theory and Evidence from Public Procurement »

Session 1 – Chair: Eric Brousseau (U. Paris Dauphine) Auditorium Biopark

11h00 R. Bobilev, A. Guglielmo, E. Paltseva and G. Spagnolo (Stockholm School of Economics)

“Public Procurement Thresholds and Data in Sweeden”

11h45 E. Chong (Sorbonne Business School) M. Klien (WIFO) and S. Saussier (Sorbonne Business School)

“The Use and Abuse of Discretionary Procurement Procedures: Evidence from the European Union

12h30–14h00 Lunch – Auditorium Biopark

Parallel Session 2 – Chair: Jean Beuve (U. Paris I Sorbonne) Room A4

14h00 L. Athias and P. Wicht (University of Lausanne)
“Difference of Civicness and Relative Efficiency of the Public and Private Sectors for Public Service Delivery: Self-selection and Sorting”

14h45 R. Ferreira Reis (Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics) and J. Miranda Sarmento (ISEG/University of Lisbon)

Cutting Costs to the Bone: the Portuguese Experience in Renegotiating Public Private Partnerships after the Financial Crisis

Parallel Session 3 – Chair: Carine Staropoli (U. Paris I Sorbonne) Room A5

14h00 M. Buso and L. Greco (U. of Padova)

“Sequential Moral Hazard under Financial Limits: Sequential versus Partnership Contracts

14h45 M. Ostravnaya and E. Podkolzina (National Research University Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE))

“Favoritism in Public Procurement Auctions: Model of Endogenous Entry”

15h30–16h00 Coffee Break

Parallel Session 4 – Chair: Michael Klien (WIFO) Room A4

16h00 D. (Ho-Fu) Lo (Santa Clara University), G. Zanarone (Collegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros) and M. Ghosh (U. of Arizona)

“Strategizing Calculus in Industrial Procurement Contracts: Safeguarding Pre-Existing Resources Versus Creating Value”

16h45 Z. Le Squeren (Sorbonne Business School) and J. Beuve (U. of Paris 1 Sorbonne)

“Plurals Form of Public Procurement Services. An Empirical Analysis”

Parallel Session 5 – Chair: Paola Valbonesi (U. of Padova) Room A5

16h00 S. Lundberg (Umeå School of Business and Economics) and P-O Marklund (NIER)

“Influence of Green Public Procurement on Bids and Prices”

16h45 A. De Chiara (Central European University)

Courts’ Decisions, Cooperative Investments and Incomplete Contracts

17h30–18h00 Coffee Break

Round Table – Auditorium Biopark 18h00 – 19h30

S. Bensmail (Directeur de Fin Infra), B. Camus (DG Suez Eau France), G. Chetrit (EuropeanPPP Expertise Center) and B. P. Davies (Price WaterHouse Cooper)

“The Future of PPPs”

Chair: Julie de Brux (Citizing and Sorbonne Business School)

 19h30 -22h00

Cocktail & Dinner Auditorium Biopark

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

 8h30 – 9h00 Welcome Breakfast – Rooms A4 & A5

Parallel Session 7 – Chair: Pierre Picard (U. of Luxembourg) Room A4

9h00 R. Marchi Adani (University of Verona)

 » Reference Prices in the Italian Procurement for Medical devices: a Semi-Parametric Analysis  »

9h45 D. Makovsek (OECD) and M. Moszoro (Harvard U.)

“Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure: Can the Price of Risk Transfer be Efficient?”

Parallel Session 8 – Chair: Renaud Foucart (Humboldt U.) Room A5

9h00 L. Rondi (Politecnico di Torino) and P. Valbonesi (U. of Padova)

Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Outsourcing in Public Procurement: Temporary Partnership vs Subcontracting

9h45 B. Quélin (HEC Paris), S. Cabral (Insper), I. Kivleniece (Imperial College of London) and S. Lazzarini (Insper)

Private Scope in Public-Private Partnerships: An International Cross-Sector Study »

10h30–11h00 Coffee Break

Parallel Session 9 – Chair: Simon Porcher (Sorbonne Business School) Room A4

11h00 P. Picard (U. of Luxembourg) and R. D. Rusli (U. of Luxembourg)

“State-Owned Firms and Private Debt

11h45 A. Mayol (Paris School of Economics) and S. Porcher (IAE de Paris)

Social and Nonlinear Tariffs in Safe Water in France: Cui Bono?”

Parallel Session 10 – Chair: Bertrand Quélin (HEC Paris) Room A5

11h00 R. Foucart (Humboldt University Berlin) and A. Estache (U. Libre de Bruxelles)

Corruption and Incompetence in Public Procurement

11h45 O. Chiappinelli (DIW Berlin)

Political Corruption in the Execution of Public Contracts: A Principal-Agent Analysis

12h30–14h00 Lunch – Auditorium Biopark

Keynote 2 – Auditorium Biopark 14h00 – 15h00

A. Galetovic (U. de Los Andes, Chile)

“PPP Premium”

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