Program International Conference 2011


International Conference

“Contracts, Procurement and Public-Private Agreements”

Paris, May 30th & 31st 2011

May 30th
Maison de l’Amérique Latine, 217 Boulevard Saint-Germain
75007 Paris

08h45–9h00      Opening session      

Keynote 1

9h00 – 9h45          Antonio Estache (ECARES – Université Libre de Bruxelles)

 “The economics of infrastructure procurement in developing countries: theory and new evidence” 

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9h45 – 11h00     Session 1    (Chair: Emmanuel Raynaud – AgroParisTech)

9h45 – 10h10 Julia Bird (Toulouse School of Economics)
“Pork-Barrel Politics and Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Investment”

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10h10 – 10h35 Carine Staropoli (CES-University of Paris 1 Sorbonne), with Eshien Chong (University Paris South 11) and Anne Yvrande (CES-University of Paris 1 Sorbonne)
“Auction vs. negotiation under political scrutiny »

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10h35 – 11h00  Decio Coviello (University of Roma Tor Vergata) with Stefano Gagliarducci (University of Rome Tor Vergata, and IZA)
Tenure in Office and Public Procurement”

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11h00 – 11h20 Coffee Break

 11h20 – 12h35 Session 2 (Chair: Claude Ménard – U. Paris I Sorbonne )

11h20 – 11h45 Laure Athias (IDHEAP, University of Lausanne) with Raphaël Soubeyran (INRA-LAMETA)
Counter-incentives in incomplete contracts

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11h45–12h10 Klenio Barbosa (Getulio Vargas Foundation, Sao Paulo School of Economics) with Pierre Boyer (University of Mannheim)
“Competition for Local Public Services with Learning-by-doing and Transferability”

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12h10 – 12h35 Witold Henisz (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) with Raymond E. Levitt (Stanford University)
Regulative, Normative and Cognitive Institutional Supports for Relational Contracting in Infrastructure Projects

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 12h35 – 14h00   Lunch

 14h00 -14h50 Session 3 (Chair: M’Hand Fares – Inra Toulouse) 

14h00 – 14h25 Elisabetta Iossa (U of Rome Tor Vergata and Brunel U) with David Martimort (Toulouse School of Economics and EHESS)

Post-Tender Corruption and Risk Allocation: Implications for PPPs

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14h25 – 14h50 Ariane Lambert-Mogilianski (Paris School of Economics)  with Frédéric Koessler (Paris School of Economics)
 » Committing to Transparency to Resist Corruption

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14h50  – 16h05 Session 4 (Chair: Kouroche Vafaï – U. Paris V)

14h50 – 15h15 Stéphane Straub (Toulouse School of Economics – Arqade) with David Martimort (Paris School of Economics-EHESS)
“How to Design Public-Private Partnerships in a Warming World?”

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15h15 – 15h40 Julie de Brux (IAE-Sorbonne Business School), with Jean Beuve (University Paris 11) and Stéphane Saussier (IAE – Sorbonne Business School) 
“Renegotiations and Contract Renewals in PPP”

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15h40 – 16h05 Douglas Sutherland (OECD Economics Department) with Sónia Araújo (OECD Economics Department)
Public-Private Partnerships and Investment in Infrastructure

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 16h05–16h35  Coffee Break

16h35 – 17h25 Session 5 (Chair: Anne Yvrande-Billon – U. Paris I Sorbonne ) 

16h35 – 17h00  François Lévêque (CERNA, Mines ParisTech), with Emmanuel Frot (Microeconomix), Gildas de Muizon (Microeconomix),  Emile Quinet (Paris School of Economics)

“Bidding for urban public transport: an econometric analysis of French competitive trends”

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17h00–17h25 Steve Tadelis  (UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business) with Florian Zettelmeyer (Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management)
« Information Disclosure as a Matching Mechanism:Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment »

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17h30 – 18h30 ROUND TABLE « PPP Best Practises in Europe »   

Guy Chétrit (European PPP Expertise Center – EPEC)

Antonio Estache (ECARES – Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Bernard Guirkinger (Directeur Général adjoint de SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT)

Stéphane Saussier (IAE – Sorbonne Business School)

Joanna Szychowska (Head of Unit, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Internal Market and Services DG)  


18h30–22h00     Cocktail & Dinner 

May 31st

Maison de l’Amérique Latine, 217 Boulevard Saint-Germain
75007 Paris

Keynote 2

9h00 – 9h45  David Martimort (Paris School of Economics & EHESS) with Elisabetta Iossa (U of Rome Tor Vergata and Brunel U.)
« Risk Allocation and the Costs and Benefits of Public-Private Partnerships »

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9h45 – 10h35 Session 6 (Chair: Carine Staropoli – U. Paris I Sorbonne)

9h45 – 10h10 Jean Beuve (University Paris 11) & Claudine Desrieux (ERMES, Université Paris 2)
« Relational Contract and Endogenous Contractual Incompleteness. Experimental Evidence« 

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10h10 – 10h35 Mathias Erlei (Clausthal University of Technology) with Christian Reinhold (Clausthal University of Technology)
“To Choose or Not to Choose: Contracts, Reference Points, Reciprocity, and Signaling”

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10h35–11h05 Coffee Break

 11h05 – 12h20 Session 7 (Chair: Eric Brousseau – U. of Paris X)

11h05 – 11h30 Dakshina De Silva (Texas Tech University) with Timothy Dunne (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland), Georgia Kosmopoulou (University of Oklahoma),  Carlos Lamarche(University of Oklahoma)
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goals in Government Procurement Contracting: An Analysis of Bidding Behavior and Costs”

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11h30 – 11h55 Alessandro De Chiara (ECARES – Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Holding an Auction for the Wrong Project

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11h55 – 12h20 Ottorino Chillemi (University of Padova) with Alessandro Bucciol (University of Verona), Giacomo Palazzi (University of Padova)
“Cost Overrun and Auction Format in Public Works”

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 12h20 –14h00 Lunch 

14h00 – 14h50 Session 8 (Chair: Steve Tadelis  (UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business) 

14h00 – 14h25 Philippe Gagnepain (Paris School of Economics-Université Paris 1) with Marc Ivaldi (Toulouse School of Economics),  David Martimort (Toulouse School of Economics)
“Complex versus binary menus of contracts:  What are the welfare gains?”

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14h25 – 14h50 Jan-Eric Nilsson (Road and Transport Research Institute) with Svante Mandell (Road and Transport Research Institute)
“A Comparison of Unit Price and Fixed Price Contracts for Infrastructure Construction Projects”

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14h50 – 15h35 Session 9 (Chair: Ricard Gil – U. of California Santa Cruz)

14h50 – 15h15 Marian Moszoro (IESE Business School & University of California, Berkeley)
Opportunism in Public-Private Project Financing

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15h15 – 15h40 Paola Valbonesi (Univ. of Padova) with Decio Coviello (Harvard University), Giancarlo Spagnolo (University of Rome « Tor Vergata »)
“Courts and procurement performance: theory and evidence”

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15h40–16h10 Coffee Break

16h10 – 17h00 Session 10 (Chair: Jean-Etienne de Bettignies, Queen’s School of Business)

16h10 – 16h35 Dean Lueck (University of Arizona) with Kyle Emerick (University of California, Berkeley)
Economic Organization and the Lease Ownership Decision in Water

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16h35 – 17h00 Eshien Chong (University Paris South 11) with Stéphane Saussier (Sorbonne Business School) & Brian Silverman (U. of Toronto)
« What Motivates Organizational Changes: An Empirical Analysis in the French Water Industry »

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